He spends three months working in Padua in the Saint Anthony Basilica with painter Achille Casanova (main exponent of the Italian art nouveau, at the time in charge of an important cycle of frescos in the Basilica del Santo in Padua ) and is initiated to the fresco technique.
He paints several views of the city of Padua.


He starts his activity as fresco-painter in the Church of Saint Maximus in Collegno near Turin. He devotes his time to painting portraits (among which that of the prefect of Turin E. Palmieri).


Fresco of Saint Anthony in the private church of the Gardino family in Poirino (Turin);
He holds evening sketching classes in Collegno; He paints the ceilings in the Valle household in Turin.


Paintings for the decoration of Villa Treves in Santa Margherita Ligure.
Paintings for the decoration of the Restaurant du  Parc at the Valentino Park in Turin (destroyed during the Second World War bombings); A large  painting of white roses for Josephin Baker’s “Black Venus”.


Paintings at the Hotel Mignon and the Arecco Institute in Santa Margherita Ligure;
Frescos in the Ozieri Cathedral in Sardinia;
Portraits and views in Sardinia;
Stay on Monte Grappa with Master Giacomo Grosso to paint views of the sites of the First World War for the Museum entitled to the Fallen on Monte Grappa;
Frescos in the Saint Gherard Church in Monza.


Medal in the vault of the grand staircase of the Antonietti villa in Monza entitled “ Allegory of the Textile Art”.
Stay on Lake Como to paint views.
Portraits in Monza.
He starts his first big cycle of frescos in the Parish Church in Collegno (Turin).
He spends time on the project for the decoration of the Divine Prisoner Sanctuary in the Valley of Colorina near Sondrio, built to fulfill the vow of don Giovanni Folci (army chaplain imprisoned by the Austrians during the First World War) who once freed at the end of the conflict wanted to dedicate it to the prisoners of all wars and devoted his entire life to keeping this promise. Don Folci and Nicola Arduino had met in trench during the war and maybe the project of the Sanctuary had developed in such circumstances from a shared desire for peace.