Great allegorical paintings on the ceiling of the hall of the Restaurant du Parc in the Valentino Park in Turin.
Frescos in the small palaces : Bertollo in Via Del Gesù in Milan and Lanfranco in Grugliasco (Turin);
Continues the frescos in the Parish Church in Collegno (Turin);
Figurative decorations “The Victory Hall” for the 1928 Exhibit in Turin;
Portraits in Brescia; Views of Garda Lake.


Miniature portraits on ivory;
- in the small palace of his namesake Comm. Arduino in Turin: Medieval life scenes;
- in the Churches of Saint John and Saint Petronilla in Savona.


- eight fresco figures in the Gruber-Perrone villa in Genoa;
- in the small Arduino palace in Turin: allegoric-topic scenes;
- in the Church of Saint John in Savona.
Views of the banks of the Po River in Turin.


- in the Gruber-Perrone villa : “The Awakening of Nature”.
- Church of the Name of Jesus in Turin : first part of a three-work cycle.
- Divine Prisoner Sanctuary in Valley of Colorina (Sondrio): he starts the grand work, which will end in 1936, with the fresco “The Prisoners Consoled by Faith” .
Two large oil paintings for the Church of Saint John in Savona.


Eight oil on canvas paintings representing scenes of Medieval life for the Arduino small palace in Turin.
Continues the frescos in the Church of the Name of Jesus in Turin.Develops the project for the decoration of the Parish Church in Grugliasco.


Continues work in the Divine Prisoner Sanctuary with the fresco “The Calvary”.
Starts decorating the Parish Church in Grugliasco with the fresco “The Assumption”.